The GS Giants got their start in the Allegheny National Forest, where a group of riders who didn't know each other rode together and became lifelong friends. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, the club has grown into the international force that it is today.
From experienced veterans to newbs, on any type of adventure motorcycle, you are welcome here.

Who We Are
GS Giants love to laugh, meet up with our friends and ride our adventure motorcycles to the middle of nowhere... just about anywhere. We're men and women, young and old, Asians and Africans, Americans and Europeans and more. We speak English, Japanese, Pakistani, French, Spanish, Portuguese... a long list. Does this sound cool? You're welcome to ride along.
What We Do
We ride. Pretty simple, eh? Well, we visit each other when we ride, put on events together where we ride and most importantly have a great time doing it. We ride to others' events, we socialize on Facebook and our website's forum where we stay globally and virtually connected. We help each other get home after breakdowns, we dust each other off after a mishap, we help fix bikes, and are continually looking for new riders to join the GS Giants.

Where We Ride
We ride all over. If there's an "adventure detour" available, we will typically take it. Dirt roads, rocky roads, sandy roads, no roads. We ride to GS BS destinations around the world. Let's build a library of adventure rides around the world, do you have any routes or tracks you want to share?
What We Ride
While we do love our Gelande Strasse, there are no colors here. We ride all brands and sizes of adventure bikes. We ride the hard, medium and easy stuff. We can give you all kinds of info on all kinds of bikes, riding techniques, riding locations, gear and more.