The GS Giants got their start in a western Pennsylvania forest, where a bunch of riders who didn't know rode in and became lifelong friends. Since then, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, the club has grown into the international force that it is today. From experienced veterans to newbs, on any type of adventure motorcycle, you are welcome here.

Who We Are
GS Giants love to laugh, meet up with our friends and ride our adventure motorcycles to the middle of nowhere... just about anywhere. We're men and women, young and old, Asians and Africans, Americans and Europeans and more. We speak English, Japanese, Pakistani, French, Spanish, Portuguese... a long list. Does this sound cool? You're welcome to ride along.
What We Do
Have you heard of The GS Giant Rally? Or the GS Giant Gypsy Tours? What on earth are GS BS Points? Heck, what does "GS stand for? The GS Giants love adventure riding and socializing with each other,  hosting riding events, helping each other if we fall down or break down. And we are continually looking for new riders to join us.

Where We Ride
We ride all over. If there's an "adventure detour" available, we will typically take it. Dirt roads, rocky roads, sandy roads, no roads. We ride to GS BS destinations around the world. Let's build a library of adventure rides around the world, do you have any routes or tracks you want to share?

So what is the GS Giants Rally?

Every year, we the GS Giants, throw a big shin-dig somewhere in the continental United States.  It’s goal? To bring together a group of like minded individuals whom love to ride, kick tires, tell tall tales and don’t mind if you’re dirty. Our rally isn’t a vendor meet.  There aren’t boxes of used parts being bartered.  It’s a bunch of riders, young and old who for the most part really really like knobby tires.  Think of going out exploring with some friends, slab or dirt, coming back to a campfire, meal and a beer. That’s the gist, and you get to pick the pace.  Burning clutches across a rock garden all day or zipping down a gravel farm road taking pictures of cows. Everybody wins. 

So you’re not a 11 year enduro-racer with a barn full of bikes? Most of us aren’t either.  While our club is knee deep with experienced riders, some are Newbs, and we love Newbs.  

As a matter of fact we love Newbs so much someone is usually giving a “Ride in Dirt” class at our rally! There’s nothing better than having a bunch of folks around who want to help you get better, pick up your bike, and ride with you so you can increase your experience and confidence. 

While we don’t have tents of vendors hawking wares, we do invite our sponsors to come hang with us. And when they can join us, they are usually leading a ride or two. And, are you ready? They give us prizes! We end up giving away some really amazing things every year from our sponsors… Riding gear, Swag, Technical stuff, Training, it’s amazing. How do you win? Why with raffle tickets… 
  • Show Up & Register = Ticket
  • Gypsy Tour = Ticket
  • GS BS  = Ticket
  • Good Looking = Nope, no ticket but someone may ask you for your number. 

So… campfires, really friendly people, some dirt, bad jokes, good food.

Don’t want to roll in alone?  Read on about the Gypsy Tours.

What's a Gypsy Tour?

No, not just a bunch of vagabonds meandering across the countryside.   That’s just kind of our normal day-to-day.  

A Gypsy Tour is actually a planned ride geared to getting you to the GS Giants Rally held annually.  The route beginning from a particular point or territory across North America and ending at our Rally right before it begins.  Perfect right? 

Each Gypsy Tour is hosted by a GS Giant who will plan the route, lead it and is responsible for their specific tour.  These are multi-day rides and are usually comprised of easy off road riding, both camping and hotel/motel nights and are packed with some amazing picturesque scenery based on the route.

If you’ve never toured across North America, this would be an amazing opportunity to get your feet wet and ride with some great folks.  Gypsy Tours are posted in advance of the rally with plenty of time to plan.  
Another benefit to going on a Gypsy Tour is the raffle tickets!  You get one just for riding and then most tours try to hit a couple of GS BS locations on the way in!  What are GS BS locations? Read on.

GS Bonus Stops

These are sites located along Gypsy Tours and around the Rally site that are designated Bonus Stops!  You find yourself at one of these places, stop and take a picture!  

It’s that easy… 5 sites, 5 pics and you get a Raffle ticket!  
Each rally has different raffles and different rules… so the details will come out with the published list.

(And yes, you need to be in each pic.)

What We Ride
While we do love our Gelande Strasse, there are no colors here. We ride all brands and sizes of adventure bikes. We ride the hard, medium and easy stuff. We can give you all kinds of info on all kinds of bikes, riding techniques, riding locations, gear and more.