GS Giants Rally


So what is the GS Giants Rally?

Every year, we the GS Giants, throw a big shin-dig somewhere in the continental United States.  It’s goal? To bring together a group of like minded individuals whom love to ride, kick tires, tell tall tales and don’t mind if you’re dirty. Our rally isn’t a vendor meet.  There aren’t boxes of used parts being bartered.  It’s a bunch of riders, young and old who for the most part really really like knobby tires.  Think of going out exploring with some friends, slab or dirt, coming back to a campfire, meal and a beer. That’s the gist, and you get to pick the pace.  Burning clutches across a rock garden all day or zipping down a gravel farm road taking pictures of cows. Everybody wins. 

So you’re not a 11 year enduro-racer with a barn full of bikes? Most of us aren’t either.  While our club is knee deep with experienced riders, some are Newbs, and we love Newbs.  

As a matter of fact we love Newbs so much someone is usually giving a “Ride in Dirt” class at our rally! There’s nothing better than having a bunch of folks around who want to help you get better, pick up your bike, and ride with you so you can increase your experience and confidence. 

While we don’t have tents of vendors hawking wares, we do invite our sponsors to come hang with us.  And when they can join us, they are usually leading a ride or two. And, you ready? They give us prizes.  We end up giving away some really amazing things every year from our sponsors… Riding gear, Swag, Technical stuff, Training, it’s amazing.  How do you win?  Why with raffle tickets… 

Show Up & Register = Ticket

Gypsy Tour = Ticket

GS BS  = Ticket

Good Looking = Nope, no ticket but someone may ask you for your number


So… campfires, really friendly people, some dirt, bad jokes, good food.

No joke.  It’s fun.  Have questions?  Mail them to the Admin

Don’t want to roll in alone?  See Gypsy Tours info.