Gypsy Tour

Gypsy Tour?

No, not just a bunch of vagabonds meandering across the countryside.   That’s just kind of our normal day-to-day.  
A Gypsy Tour is actually a planned ride geared to getting you to the GS Giants Rally held annually.  The route beginning from a particular point or territory across North America and ending at our Rally right before it begins.  Perfect right? 
Each Gypsy Tour is hosted by a GS Giant who will plan the route, lead it and is responsible for their specific tour.  These are multi-day rides and are usually comprised of easy off road riding, both camping and hotel/motel nights and are packed with some amazing picturesque scenery based on the route.
If you’ve never toured across North America, this would be an amazing opportunity to get your feet wet and ride with some great folks.  Gypsy Tours are posted in advance of the rally with plenty of time to plan.  
Another benefit to going on a Gypsy Tour is the raffle tickets!  You get one just for riding and then most tours try to hit a couple of GS BS locations on the way in!  See GS BS.