Newb vs Noob

While Nobody Wants to be a Noob
Everyone Once was a Newb
Keep it Straight

GOOD:  Newb
Short for “newbie,” a newb is just someone who is new to something, but they’re usually humble and ready to learn. Like a baby deer on ice, their incompetence is endearing, and people generally flock to help them find their footing.
The GS Giants love newbs.  We want you to have fun, learn and grow your skillset.  We pick up each others bikes more than you know!

BAD: Noob 
Also spelled n00b (with zeros), this is actually a derogatory term saved for arrogant yet ignorant know-it-alls, who make fools of themselves by spreading negativity, making erroneous claims, and just being all-around unpleasant individuals.  Loud talking, rooster spraying, speed demons who think being reckless is cool. Don't be "that guy".