Off-Road Training AT RIBFEST!


Off-Road School

Tom Asher of Tom Asher Adventure Riding Academy (TAARA) will be providing off-road training at Ribfest. His training is unique compared to any other schools available because he trains people using real world adventure situations along with basic motor skills instruction.  He specializes in advanced training that will give adventure riders the confidence they need to tackle literally any terrain they might encounter on their adventure while conserving energy and keeping the motorcycle intact.

Intermediate class will be Thursday at a cost of  $150

Advanced class will be two days, Friday and Sunday, at a cost of $200 

Camping will be available Sunday night, but there will be no food or support services available

Start times will be announced later 

Classes are limited to 12 participants per day

You do not have to attend the rally to take the course, however you may want to have the Rib dinner Saturday evening. In this case you will need to register for a day pass. If you would like to camp at all, you must sign up for the full price of the rally. Please keep in mind you get a $10 discount off the full price if you register by October 8th.