The GS Giants are a social bunch, with an odd twist or two.
Hey, let's
hang out!
Yes we have a forum!
Ever since we began, we've been scattered far and wide, subject to the shifting winds of technology. While forums like have amped adventure riding over the past decade, newer social media channels have grown dramatically. Now almost every GS Giant is on-line, but all over creation. Our forum has been around for a while, but the old version wasn't used  much and we couldn't bring our old posts forward. Let's show this new one some love by posting your rides, sharing your GPS routes, your ideas for the direction of the club and other subjects that are a little deeper than the typical chatter on Facebook.
Yes we are in social media
While riding together in the real world is mainly how we've grown, The GS Giants Facebook Page, and our Facebook Group have helped us gain members worldwide. So has our YouTube Channel. We also have the obligatory Twitter (@TheGSGiant) and Instagram (gsgiant) feeds. Check out the day-to-day GS BS and get to know each other a bit.
Yes we have a member directory with a map!
Finally! This has been a bit of a challenge. Now you can hook up with each other for a ride when you're nearby. You edit your presence on the map by editing your profile.