July 2019 GS Giants Newsletter
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It's election time!


Dear Giants, it is time for you to chose our new Vice President for the next 2 years!

The newly elected Vice President will serve for 2 years and in 2021 he/she will become the new President of the GS Giants. The same year, we will hold a new election for the new Vice President.

To cast your vote, please visit https://mms.gsgiants.com/members/elections.php

*** you must be logged in to vote - if you cannot access the link, please log out and log back in ***

2019 GS Giants Go Big Rally (Four Corners)

Rally Chair

Dear Giants, 

The Rally Committee and I would like to thank you for your tremendous support! Almost 100 people offered to volunteer in Dolores, CO! Any of you who have been to a motorcycle Rally, knows very well how critical is the help we get from members like yourselves.

A separate email will be sent to those who volunteered with instructions and available spots.

Once again, THANK YOU! We couldn't do it without you.


The GS Giants would like to thank our sponsors for all their support and help towards a successful Rally. Please take a moment to drop by their webpages or Facebook and thank them for their support!

Michelin Motorcycle (FB/WWW)
Clearwater Lights (FB/WWW)
Mosko Moto (FB/WWW)
Redverz Gear (FB/WWW)
Ko'ox Moto (FB/WWW)
Double Take Mirrors (FB/WWW)
Vamoose Gear (FB/WWW)
BMW US Rider Academy (FB/WWW)
Kermit Chair (FB/WWW)
Jesse Luggage (FB/WWW)
Outback Motortek USA (FB/WWW)
Moto Manufacturing (FB/WWW)
Bill Mayer Saddles (FB/WWW)
Inland Manufacturing (FB/WWW)
Skunkwerks (FB/WWW)
Woody's Wheels (FB/WWW)
Motopockets (FB/WWW)
BMW Motorcycles of Long Beach (FB/WWW)

THANK YOU for supporting the GS Giants and the Adventure Motorcycle Community!

Meet your candidates!

Diego Villalpando

For me the GS Giants has become a large influence in my life. I have met so many great friends and have gotten to experience many new places I wouldn’t have otherwise. And the best thing about it, it has all been on my motorcycle. So I hold the club dearly in my current life for with out having experienced my first rally (Land of OZ) back in 2016, I don’t think I would have rode my motorcycle as much as I have. It's been now 3 years of being a part of this club, I have gotten the chance to volunteer here and there, but it's time to step up and keep this club running.

If I am elected Vice-President, I will strive to help continue working to keep the club live and active. Help introduce new members and keep active members participation high. My biggest goal is to set something up for members to gather on a monthly basis through out the USA/ World. In the hopes of getting more people together and out riding. Last year we started working on ‘regional coordinators’ but never really got anywhere. My plan is to have something set and going so there can be more events west of the Mississippi. And overall, I just want to learn and get some experience since I am a young rider and plan to ride and go to many more events.


Diego Villalpando
GS Giants Rookie of the Year

Lori Payne

Hi Giants! I’m Lori Payne and I’d like to ask for your consideration and vote as GS Giants Vice President. I’ve been involved with the Giants since 2014 and became a Board Member and your Treasurer in 2015. In this role, I’ve been responsible for maintaining bank accounts, preparing tax filings and collecting and dispersing monies for our rallies, sponsorships, and other events we support. 

In addition, I’ve been instrumental in establishing the Sigrid Sackman Scholarship Fund for off road training and I’m thrilled that we will be giving our first scholarships (Five total!) this summer at the Four Corners Rally in Dolores Colorado! 

I also raised money last year for the GS Trophy team (ALL GS Giants!) and have been responsible for shipping swag from the GS Giants store from time to time. 

I’ve been active as a volunteer at all our rallies since I joined the Giants, and served as your rally chair in 2018 in West Virginia. 

Why I love the Giants: I’ve never been involved with an organization with more enthusiastic, fun loving, wonderful people! We are bound by our love and passion for riding, and the inclusiveness, no matter the size or brand of bikes we ride, or the skill level is unbelievable! The friendships I’ve made here are lifelong and deep. 

What I intend to accomplish if elected: I will build on the strong platform established by our current and past leadership and work to include more members in the central operations of this great volunteer organization. I’d like to see us do more events, both on a local and national level, and as our numbers continue to grow, I think we have the critical mass and sponsor support to do that. I also think that working closely with the two national BMW organizations, (the RA and MOA) is critical and I’ve recently been elected to the RA board and am working to strengthen our relationship with that organization. We are a group of riders, first and foremost, and my main goal is to have more people involved and get out there and have fun! 

I hope I can count on your support!

Lori L. Payne
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