West Virginia Mountain Mayhem

What's this all about?  It's the GS Giant's annual event and it's bound to be EPIC!  Click here to read about the event and register:  http://mms.gsgiants.com/members/calendar5.php?org_id=GSGI

Your Rally Princess, Lori,along with a handful of volunteers,  have an epic week of fun and excitement planned for you!   If you are new to the event, you may be feeling a little nervous or intimidated.  Don't!  This is not about being the best rider - it's about being the best that you can be while stretching abilities yet still riding within your comfort zone.  Skill levels range from no off pavement experience to seasoned rock garden riders. This is about challenging yourself to become more comfortable getting off the beaten path with the help of fellow Giants to offer guidance, advice, or just pick you up, dust you off, and hand you a beer at the end of the day.
This is a two-part event:
1.  The GS Giant - West Virginia Mountain Mayhem
You have already registered for this part and paid your registration fee which entitles you to daily catered breakfast and dinner, a tent camping site at our host campground, an obligatory tee-shirt as well as a coveted Silipint Beer cup, and the opportunity to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes.    This part of the event begins on Monday, July 16th and concludes Thursday morning, July 19th after breakfast.  

Our host facility sits right on the banks of the Potomac River.  Join us for a float trip to cool off after a day of riding.  Here's the catch:  for the best float choice, you must wear your best (silly) hat!  A plain ball hat just won't do.

Click here for the complete schedule of events.  http://gsgiants.com/west_virginia_mountain_mayhem.php
2.  The GS Giant at the BMW RA:  Canyons to Mountains Rally, Wellsboro, PA
On Thursday, July 19th, we pack up our campsites and ride to the BMW RA Rally in Wellsboro, Pa.  The GS Giant events held here are free however, you must register with the BMW RA and pay their admission fee.  You won't want to miss the riding clinic provided by none other than Shawn Thomas.  There will also be seminars, tire changing, and something we are known for - a custom built adventure riding track where you can practice or compete!  This part of the event begins on Thursday, July 19th and concludes Sunday, July 22nd.  Click here for the details and to register for the BMW RA National Rally:  http://bmwra.org/news/national-rally

How are you getting to the rally?  The BEST way is to hook up with one of the Gypsy ToursWhat is all this about, you ask?    Well....a Gypsy Tour is nothing more than everyone getting together and riding from whatever direction you are coming from.  Of course there will be some laughs and probably a good meal or two along the way.  Details can be found within the website forum or contact one of the following people:

·          From Suffield, Connecticut  with Rob Nye:  rob.nye@gmail.com
·         From Des Moines, Iowa (MOA Rally) with Trevin Ward:   trevward79@gmail.com
·         From Nolansville, Tennessee with Kevin Shrader:  Kev95GS@gmail.com
·         From Del Rio, Tennessee with Dave Corl:  dave@gearupnride.com
·         From Independence, Ohio with Pat Corrigan:  fotopat@aol.com
·         From Landenberg, Pennsylvania with Tracy Novacich:   tracy@novacich.com

Click here for Details:  
Gypsy Tours.
While some things are standard with a GS Giants rally (like great riding, delectable meals, craft brews, and the best old and new friends) each one is also different.  There will be no points awarded for GSBS sites this year however, there is no shortage of things to see and do in the area.  There is nary a bad road in the entire state - on road or off, you will find some of the best riding east of the Mississippi!

There are a few rules!


  • Don't take anything too seriously.  This is meant to be FUN.  If you are not having fun, you are doing it all wrong.  Enjoy the fun of random and unexpected turns of events that make up this sport of adventure riding.  In other words, backtracking 20 miles from nowhere because of an unexpected obstacle is called adventure.  Deal with it, take a picture, and tell a great story back at camp.


  • Know your limits and respect them.  If you respect your abilities or lack thereof, your fellow Giants will also respect them.  Don't get in over your head and expect someone to bail you out.  There is something for everyone's riding style but you ride in this event at your own risk after a careful assessment of your skills.  Use good judgement and common sense.  Before riding, check actual road conditions with local sources.  Carry water!  Make sure you, your bike, and your gear are up to snuff.  Ride with friends.

The boring stuff - please read it anyway.
Motorcycles are dangerous.   Our event insurance coverage starts when you check in at Camper's Paradise however it does not cover any incidents as you travel to or from the rally.  Additionally, it does not cover bad judgment.  By participating in this event, you will be asked to sign an waiver stating that you understand that there is inherent risk involved with riding motorcycles and participating in this event.  If you know and respect your limitations, the Giants will, in turn, respect you.
Routes given may or may not have been pre-ridden.  They are intended to be public graded forest roads suitable for loaded big bikes and a rider of adequate skill. Ride at your own risk after carefully assessing your skills.  There are no course markers or draggin' wagons to carry you, your bike, or your gear.  Don't let this scare you off!  You have plenty of new friends waiting to ride with you!
The GS Giants are governed by a Board of Directors.  The BOD, as well as the event managers are all volunteers who are giving countless hours of their time each week throughout the year for your enjoyment.  Sometimes things don't go as planned.  Sometimes plans change.  Call that part of the adventure.  This is our sixth annual GS Giant event and we have learned a few things along the way.  Decisions by the management team are final.  We are not experts and we are open to suggestions on how we can improve but please be respectful and kind.  In short - don't make the Princess or the Queen cry!
If you leave the event early for any reason, please be sure to tell someone.  We once had someone pack up and leave without telling anyone.  Hours were spent searching to make sure our missing rider wasn't off in a ditch.  Calls were made to the local hospital and finally the rider's family before we learned that he decided to go visit a friend for a few days.  Please know that we care enough to account for you.

* The Legal Schtuff:  You will be asked to sign a waiver at registration.  A copy of the waiver can be found here:   

Please note that you are participating in any and all activities connected with this event (including the Gypsy Tours) at your own risk.  You and your motorcycle are expected to be licensed and insured.  Neither the GS Giants organization nor any of its volunteers are responsible for your safety or securing your possessions.

If you have questions and can't find the answer, or if you're registered and your plans change, please contact one of the following people:
  • Lori Payne, Rally Chair Princess and GS Giant Board Member:  (818) 414-8324    lpayne@payneff.com
  • Tracy Novacich, Queen and GS Giant Board Member:   (302) 723-2354    tracy@novacich.com
And Finally....When shopping, don't forget to thank and consider our incredible sponsors!
See you in West Virginia for some Mountain Mayhem!