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The GS Giants got their start in a western Pennsylvania forest, in 2011, where a bunch of riders who didn't know each other rode in and became lifelong friends.

Since then, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, the club has grown into the international force that it is today. Over 15,000 people around the world, collectively in social media platforms and our website, form one of the largest Adventure Motorcycle Communities.

From experienced veterans to newbs, on any type of adventure motorcycle, you are welcome here.


The GS Giants love to laugh, meet up with our friends and ride our adventure motorcycles to the middle of nowhere... just about anywhere. We're men and women, young and old, Asians and Africans, Americans and Europeans and more. We speak English, Japanese, Pakistani, French, Spanish, Portuguese... a long list.

Does this sound cool? You're welcome to ride along.


The GS Giants love adventure riding and socializing with each other,  hosting riding events, helping each other if we fall down or break down. And we are continually looking for new riders to join us.


We ride all over. If there's an "adventure detour" available, we will typically take it. Dirt roads, rocky roads, sandy roads, no roads. We ride to GS BS destinations around the world. Let's build a library of adventure rides around the world, do you have any routes or tracks you want to share? Check out our forums!


Picture by Lulo

While we do love our Gelande Strasse, there are no colors here. We ride all brands and sizes of adventure bikes. Our Rallies attract motorcycles from Honda, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, Triumph, yes, we even welcome the KLR riders! We will still give them a hard time, but they're welcome!

We ride the hard, medium and easy stuff. We can give you all kinds of info on all kinds of bikes, riding techniques, riding locations, gear and more.


Every year, we the GS Giants, throw a big shin-dig somewhere in the continental United States. What is its goal? To bring together a group of like-minded individuals who love to ride, kick tires, tell tall tales and don’t mind if you’re dirty. Our rally isn’t a vendor meeting. There aren't boxes of used parts being bartered. It’s a bunch of riders, young and old who for the most part really really like knobby tires. Think of going out exploring with some friends, slab or dirt, coming back to a campfire, meal and a beer. That’s the gist, and you get to pick the pace. Burning clutches across a rock garden all day or zipping down a gravel farm road taking pictures of cows. Everybody wins.

So you’re not an 11-year enduro racer with a barn full of bikes? Most of us aren’t either. While our club is knee deep with experienced riders, some are Newbs, and we love Newbs.

The GS Giants Inc., is a non-profit corporation club under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and a 501(c)(7) social club under the regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service. Our mailing address is 219 N. Main Ave #117 Scranton, PA 18504-3307, United States.

Read our Privacy Policy here.

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